Hi, I'm Rafal, this website is one of my projects. I am an electronics engineer by training, and the choice of this field of science was not accidental. From an early age I was interested in this subject, and I remember my first project consisting of Christmas tree lights, batteries and a double switch until now. From the very beginning I was fascinated mainly by digital electronics. Probably like most I started with Arduino and AVR microcontrollers, but nevertheless I felt that this was not quite it. Fascinated by the work of people like Ben Eater, I decided to get into digital in its purest form. Logic gates, decoders, multiplexers... I quickly decided to design something bigger. That's how my first design of my own processor came about. It was a 4-bit unit, which now seems very simple to me, but at the time I was very proud of it. Other projects soon followed, including the first 8-bit chip and later its successor. Everything was realized on basic logic circuits. However, in a fairly short time I reached the so-called ceiling.

The projects became more advanced and their implementation more and more difficult. It was necessary to go higher. At that time, I first became interested in FPGAs, but after thinking about it, I gave up the idea. The circuits seemed to me to be form over content, and the VHDL language appeared to me to be too difficult. At the time, I returned to the essence of digital electronics, but a short time later there was another 180-degree turn. I decided to give FPGAs a chance, and so they became my main area of interest.

In addition to digital electronics, I also like history in particular the 20th century. I try to combine this passion with electronics resulting in materials about retro equipment.

If you have any questions or proposal for cooperation you can write to email: rafal.barto2808@gmail.com

On my site, unlike most places on the Internet, you won’t find automatically generated advertisements, mostly due to my personal aversion to such creations. However, if you would like to support what I do you can buy me a coffee😉

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