In recent years I have managed to collect a certain collection of retro equipment. These are mainly calculators, but there are also a few other devices. Below I've posted an inventory of my freebies😄 if a particular model is underlined, then when you click on the name it will open a resource I've prepared about its construction, history and operation. Also, I've thrown in the names of a few pieces of equipment that I'm looking for, if you have them, get back to me at my email address

Polish Calculators:

  • Unitra K-765
  • Unitra Bolek
  • Unitra Lolek
  • Unitra Bolek (prototyp?)
  • Unitra Brda 12U
  • Unitra Brda 11U
  • Elwro EW-105LN
  • Elwro EW-116
  • Elwro 440
  • Elwro 144
  • Elwro 131
  • Elwro 141
  • Elwro 151
  • Elwro 181
  • Elwro 343

Soviet Calculators:

  • Электроника МКУ-1-1 (Elektronika MKY-1-1)
  • Электроника МКУ-1 (Elektronika MKY-1)
  • Электроника МК-59 (Elektronika MK-59)
  • Электроника МК-33 (Elektronika MK-33)
  • Электроника МК-52 (Elektronika MK-52)
  • Электроника МК-57A (Elektronika MK-57A)
  • Электроника МК-44 (Elektronika MK-44)
  • Электроника МК-57A (Elektronika MK-57A)
  • Электроника ВЗ-14М  (Elektronika BZ-14M)
  • Электроника СЗ-22  (Elektronika C3-22)
  • Искра-210 (Iskra-210)

Japan Calculators:

Bulgarian Calculators:

American Calculators:

  • Texas Instruments SR-11

German/NRD Calculators:

  • Serd Dusseldorf (S)
  • INTERTON PC 4007
  • Privileg 872MD
  • Privileg Modell 802


  • Электроника Мir (Elektronika MIR)
  • Электроника 6.15 (Elektronika 6.15)


Equipment sought:

  • Unitra Brda 13U
  • Elwro 190
  • Elwro 183
  • Elwro 442LC Jacek
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