How does a transistor burn in a common emitter circuit?

Some time ago on my site appeared the first material about bipolar transistors. In it, I told you a little about their history, construction, we put the first circuit into operation together, and also took a look inside this unusual element. Today we are once again taking on this element, but we will take a closer look at its operation. I’ll tell you about the basic working circuit of the transistor, we’ll check its operation, and finally we’ll set it on fire.

The birth, life and death of the transistor

There is no doubt that the transistor is something that has revolutionized the world. It is hard to imagine today’s electronics without this small component. It is so versatile that in today’s world we can find it in virtually every electronic circuit. Transistors are found as individual elements, but they are also the main building blocks of integrated circuits, it’s hard to imagine, but a modern circuit such as the M1 Ultra processor from Apple, for example, consists of about 114 billion of these elements, a truly astonishing amount. In today’s material I will tell you a little about the history, operation and construction of this remarkable electronic element.

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