Simple diode controller WS2812B

Recently, I have been trying my hand at a bit more professional electronics photography. When taking pictures, I tried to force a particular type of lighting with several panels of WS2812B LEDs, controlled by Arduino. However, constantly changing the code is quite tiresome, so I built a simple device to control this type of LEDs.

What is hidden inside the LED bulb?

In recent years, LED bulbs have made their way into our homes for good, replacing the now-discontinued tungsten filament designs. Not surprisingly, LEDs compare surprisingly well with other light sources – they consume little energy, can shine in a variety of colors, turn on instantly and do not heat up as much.

CWD351 – Digital LED indicator from the communist era

Since its inception, all digital machines were meant to serve man and help him perform his daily tasks in the office, on the factory floor or at home. However, in order for a machine to be useful, something was needed so that humans could understand it. Nowadays, it is quite normal to have all kinds of screens on which digital systems display information that we can understand, but this was not always the case.

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