Электроника МК-52 – Soviet calculator in orbit

The great events of the space industry not only capture our attention, but also inspire us to think about the achievements of science and technology. One of the fascinating aspects of the conquest of space is the role that technology has played in these spectacular achievements. However, in the shadow of the famous rockets, astronauts and space stations, there are little-known elements of this space history, such as the Soviet Электроника МК-52 calculator.

Furniture construction Soviet clock

In the category of retro equipment I usually throw in descriptions of calculators, because they are the biggest part of my collection. However, it’s time to introduce a little more variety, which is why a description of a vintage display appeared some time ago, while today I’d like to introduce you to an electronic clock that is more than 30 years old, manufactured in one of the factories of the former Soviet Union.

Bolek and Lolek from Wroclaw

In my last article on retro equipment, I told you about a pocket calculator manufactured at the Unitra Eltra plant in Bydgoszcz. This time we will also take a closer look at a pocket design, or even several such devices from the times of centrally planned economy, with the difference that these will be calculators signed with the logo of Wroclaw Elwro.

Unitra K-765, or Commodore in Polish guise

During the communist era, pocket calculators were produced by two companies – Wroclaw’s Elwro and Bydgoszcz’s Unitra Eltra. We will take a look at the constructions made in Upper Silesia at another time, today’s hero will be a somewhat strange and already forgotten construction from the Brda River.

CWD351 – Digital LED indicator from the communist era

Since its inception, all digital machines were meant to serve man and help him perform his daily tasks in the office, on the factory floor or at home. However, in order for a machine to be useful, something was needed so that humans could understand it. Nowadays, it is quite normal to have all kinds of screens on which digital systems display information that we can understand, but this was not always the case.

Elwro 151 – The last evolution of the 144 model

A little bit of calculators were produced in socialist Poland. There were models dedicated to the ordinary Kowalski, scientific designs for professors, printing for accountants or pocket calculators for school children. The basic and probably one of the most popular models was the Elwro 144, a classic base design, on which quite a few other calculators produced by the Elwro plant in Wroclaw were based. Today I would like to tell you about the latest evolution of the 144 model, the Elwro 151 calculator.

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